Well, I know there’s a reason, And I know there’s a rhyme.
We were meant to be together, And that’s why,
We can roll with the punches. We can stroll hand in hand.
And when I say it’s forever
You understand.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New job:) and working on school

So yes I just wanted to write a quick little post, I have been interviewing for a few jobs, got offered one but there wasnt enough hours. Then went to this interview for a child care worker, I have been a "nanny" before and was excited to interview for a job like that again. The lady was super nice and runs it through the Head Start Program out of her house. It just felt right, its really close to our house and I could walk to work. The interview went really well and I was there for about an hour. That was all yesterday and then today I decided to take a break from the job hunting and go to my aunts house with my mom to do some quilting stuff. When I got home Andrew had made dinner AWWWW how sweet! Then I got the call that I got the job! I am so excited I start tomorrow and can't believe how excited I am. Its 10-2 monday through friday but some days I would work 8:30-5:30 if someone needs a day off.
The Lord works in mysterious ways and I cant believe how much he has blessed us!

Also I am going to sign up for classes in September for Phlebotomy, I know you are all thinking ew needles but I think it will be a good carrer choice. The classes are 10 weeks and would start the last week of September.
Anyways just wanted to update you guys! For all you at Convergys I will miss you terribly, but I will not miss that horrible horrible stink hole!:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twilight Lip Venom:)

So I heard about this stuff they used on the Twilight filming and wanted to try it out. Its called Lip Venom ....
.. a little more information there.
"This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds and applied repeatedly until lips are plumped, revitalized and the desired intensity of color has been reached."

So it was a pretty cool thing, makes your lips tingle, I didn't realize it was a plumper when I bought it but it definitely explains the sting. A friend sent me the link and I got it really without reading anything about it.

Me trying to look venemous lol

The stain color can go darker, as you read before, it can get really really red. So thats always a plus that you can personalize your color. Just be careful not to get it everywhere, like I did.

So the end product is pretty cool:) Love to all the Twilight fans out there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Got allergies? Need a good deal?? Here you go!

So the hubby and I went to Smith's today and while we were there I thought I would pick up some Zyertec for my allergies. (I take this or Clari tin depends on my mood hehe) When I stumbled across this sign for the Kroger brand of Zyrtec. Regular price $13.99 sale price $3.79. It has 30 tablets which I think is such a great deal that I HAD to share!!
Also the Clari tin was on sale it only comes with 10 tablets BUT its only $4.00 and the regular price was $9.99.
I think the sale is over Tuesday or Wednesday I cant be sure, but go buy some!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it the right look for New Moon?

So whats your opinion on the New Moon Teaser trailer? I actually think its going to be really great! I think that the wolf looks a little small considering in the book people confused the wolves for bears... But I like that It doesnt look that cartoonish. That is one thing that I was worried about. So here enjoy leave a comment let me know what you think of it:)


New Moon the Movie and Eclipse Movie

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 things I love to do:)

So my Friend Nicole did a blog about her 5 favorite things to do and wanted to know what other people like to do also so here we go...

1. I love to paint, I go to the DI to pick up some various wood items and I paint them. But oddly enough most of the things, I take them back and donate them to the DI haha I dont need the things but I love to paint and create them.

2. I love to bake and cook... I love to make everything I see on foodnetwork! Sometimes I wish I had my own cooking show.

3. I love to swing...it makes me feel like im flying. I love to feel the wind on my face and pumping my feet back and forth so I can go as high as I can.

4. I love to smell books... call be crazy but I love the way books smell. And it just amazes me how books from different time periods can smell so differently. Im weird. :)

5. I love to rearrange furniture, I will change around our house just because I feel like it. It ususally happens on my day off and Andrew comes home and is surprised to find that our house looks different than it did when he left for work.

So thanks Nicole I had fun! So I also want to know more about you guys out there in blogger world! What are 5 things that you LOVE to do??

Monday, May 25, 2009

Add one more to the population Morristown New Jersey!

So we got really excited when Andrew's sister Jessica asked us to take her to the MTC! Neither of us had ever been there before so we were excited for a new experience! Her plane landed at 8:50 on Wednesday the 20th and we got to drive from Logan so needless to say it was an early morning. (Not as early as Andrew usually gets up but for me it was rough:)) We took her to a Mexican restaurant because thats all she wanted, she was a little nervous that all they will have in New Jersey is pizza and hot wings haha. It was definately good to see her before she left because we hadn't seen her in awhile stupid plane tickets can be so expensive! So all in all it was a very good fun day! She is going to make the best missionary with her warm smile and upbeat attitude! We love you Jess!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are moving FINALLY!

We are finally moving out of our tiny apartment into a duplex! We will have more pictures when we actually get in there BUT as of now until the 15th of May there will be people living there:( So here is one from google maps. We will be moving in June 1st! it cant come soon enough!
Also I just want to give a big CONGRATS!!! To my bestie Amanda!!! She graduated this weekend and we are so proud of her! She has worked so hard and has accomplished so much! I love you Mana!!:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never judge a book by its cover...

So I thought all along that I would HATE Twilight, vampires? Totally not my thing. So I decided to give it a chance and watched the movie and was amazed! My mom gave me the books on Saturday and I was done by Wednesday. I am so sorry for all of you who had to wait for the books! I would have gone CRAZY!! So I love all the little things that they have online for Twilight but I hate the prices! are you kidding me 25.00 for a canvas bag?? I just couldn't believe it so I decided to give it a shot with making some. I am also giving away a bag on my craft blog so go enter that for a cute bag.

This is the very first thing I made, saw a Peace.Love.Twilight
bag and wanted it so badly! But I just didnt have $25.00 to spend on a bag.

I know everyone is Team Edward or Jacob but
Jasper can mess with my emotions any day!!;)

This is the shirt I made for Andrew,
I think it speaks for itself...

And last but not least this is the bag I made for one of my favorite cousins!
Here you go Val! I hope it turned out the way you wanted!
Sorry I couldnt put it on black:(
But I think your idea for the crest was just awesome!

So needless to say I am now officially OBSESSED along with the rest of you! I didn't like the movie as much as the books but hey nothing is perfect! I am definitely looking forward to New Moon this fall!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just an update! finally hehe

So it has been a while, I have to admit I just haven't felt like posting! Things here are pretty slow I guess. Andrew had his interview at Schriber's and we hope everything works out there, better pay and better for us to be able to have a family. I have just been a busy bee making tons and tons of quilts that we don't really need but it keeps me from going crazy! Speaking of crafts go comment on my craft blog so you can win the march giveaway!:)
One thing that actually stinks is that I am getting allergies for the first time ever! EH! I cant take it! Anyone have any pointers on how not to look like I am crying every 5 minutes!? If so let me know I would greatly appreciate it!
So here is something fun! About a week ago Andrew and I decided to make these eggrolls that we saw on this meal planning blog (http://mealplanningmommies.blogspot.com this is a VERY great website.) and after cooking everthing on the stove top i filled the eggroll wraps and put them in the oven (they reccomended frying but they were very good baked also). I went to flip them about half way through. After I was done I put the pot holder on the stove, walked back to the couch, and started to fold some laundry. Well the little voice I listen to AKA the Holy Ghost, kept telling me to go check the eggrolls, so I walked over to the kitchen and there were the FLAMES coming from under the pot holder! hehe we had forgotten to turn off the burner and I started screaming, yes I know lol very productive:) Andrew came running and put it in the sink and then we HAD to take pics! Sad thing is i LOVED that pot holder! I got it at my family bridal shower and now I only have one left so without further ado the photos!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Bikes!

So Andrew fixed my parents computer after it crashed for like the millionith time lol and this time he was able to fix it for good. My dad has been trying to pay him for it and we wouldn't let him, he called the other night and said he had found the perfect payment. Once I heard it was bikes I was freaking out I LOVE bike riding and so does Andrew, we started planning out routes!.... now we just have to wait for the snow to melt:( sad times. But we are very excited! Thanks mom and dad!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

8 Random things!

So Nicole tagged me! thanks!:)
8 Favorite TV Shows:
*ANYTHING on food network
*John and Kate + 8
*17 kids and counting
*American Idol
*A Baby story
8 Things I look forward to:
*Good heath
*Having kids
*Owning a home
*My sister having kids
*Sleep hehe
*Tax return!!!
*Warm Weather
*Valentines day
8 Favorite Places to Eat:
*My house!
*Cafe rio
*I know its not food but Jamba Juice
*The bluebird
*Olive Garden
*Chinese food
*Indian Oven
*And yes it is sinful Carls jr!:)
8 Things On My Wishlist:
*A baby
*A bigger place
*Another car
*More patient
*The love dare book
*A brand new spankin camera hehe
*A wii fit or a place to put a tredmill
*and of course more money!;)
8 People I Tag:
*Amanda M
*and of course Jacquie

Friday, February 6, 2009

Okay peeps heres the deal:) Free stuff!

So I was thinking the other day of all the crafts that I make and decided to change my Hat blog into a "craft" blog:) I am very excited because I read all of these craft blogs and they all have free giveaways and I am going to do it also!:) I always make some cute things every month and I am super excited to share. So all of you who like FREE things and me HAHA go to http://hatsbylindsey.blogspot.com/ for further instructions! YAY!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movie Reccomendation:)

So I was told by a friend of mine to watch "Fireproof", he said that it was a wonderful movie. I had seen a preview on TV for it and saw that Kirk Cameron was in it, I used to have THE BIGGEST crush on him so I was definitely going to watch it hehe:) So Andrew and I rented it from Red box on Monday and didn't get around to watching it until today. It was AMAZING! It definitely makes me appreciate Andrew and the things he does for me! And also for the Lord and the greatest gift of forgiveness. I cried, Andrew cried, we cried together (thanks mom for the tissue advice in advance;) ) It doesn't matter if you have the near perfect marriage or if your marriage is on the rocks this movie will definitely affect the way you see your spouse. I don't know what else to say but WATCH IT! :) You won't be sorry that you did!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cute new headbands!! and super deals!!

So here are some cute new headbands:) if you want one let me know! and we can figure out a fair price. oh yeah and the photos wouldnt turn:( i dunno what was going on!
HUGE deals!!

So after Andrews interview we went to JoAnn's to look at a few things this is where I found the ribbon of my dreams! hehe it was just a package of mismatched ribbons which I love! It just makes that creativity bug in my head go CrAzY! :) So I had purchase these before and remember that the package said it was $1.99 but that it ended up being $0.99. So I figured if it was 1.99 it was worth it with how many bows I have been making, so I grabbed four packages wandered around a little and headed to the register. The lady and I start chit chatting about what I was going to do with the ribbon she scanned everything and said my total... I purchased those four things of ribbon and a little pin holder that was on clearance for $0.50. Okay so here was the total.......$1.60! Holy crap those giant things of ribbon were only a quarter! Needless to say I went back and got four more, thats 720 Yards of ribbon for about $2.50 at most with taxes! I walked out there a very proud woman! hehe so here are some pictures of the very unorganized ribbons that I got today!:)
I had to shove it in two bins and it still didnt work.

So I was curious while I was waiting for pics to upload that is
0.0035 for every yard of ribbon! Holy Moly!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!:)

Happy two years love! It just keeps getting better!! I love being with you and seeing your sweet smile! You are my best friend and I am lucky to know you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tias Birthday present...hehe surprise Amy!'

So I went to my cousin Amy's house the other day for a couple hours! I had soooo much fun, it was the first time for me going to her new house so I was excited to see it. I finally took her the hats that I made for her and Tia. They have THE COOLEST playroom that Tia showed me all of her princess thing. She is a very intelligent little girl! So it's her birthday tomorrow so I thought I would make her some cute little bows and a bow holder! here are the pics it was with my camera phone so they don't look that great so hopefully Amy will take some pics with them in Tia's hair ;) I am not experienced at all so dont judge hehe But I wanted to try :)


Sleeping Beauty Make it Pink make it Blue!!!



Zebra bows


My favorite the green

Best friends- Amy I made one set for Tia's "sister" too because I thought it would be cute for them to have cute best friend bows:)

Way cute Valentines bows

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sushi Night:)

So I decided that we needed to have sushi night:) I went to the store and got all the ingredients. I even made a cute little dessert sushi that would please any pallet! I would recommend that moms do the recipe with their kids:) then they and also you hehe can "try new foods" hehe. It was super fun and easy.
The dessert sushi is just a powdered donuts with the fruit wrap you get by the fruit section in the grocery store. And then fill the middle with little rolled up pieces of different kinds of fruit roll up. When I saw them online they did it with Twinkies you are more than welcome to make it with them they would both be cute:)
This is what it ended up looking like....we did have 4 but Andrew ate one before I could take the picture!

Here is our real sushi we just put a whole bunch of things together it ended up pretty tasty. Everything was fully cooked, we used baked Teriyaki salmon and crab meat.

Ew "see food~!":(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun filled weekend:)

So when we were little my parents would let us pick a spot on the map and we would go there and stay in a hotel there those are some of my fondest memories. Swimming, staying up late, eating the crappy breakfast! It was so much fun! So when my mom suggested we should go stay in a hotel on the 24th we were so in!;)Andrew was a little hesitant but we had so much fun. The boys went down first to SLC for lunch, The Red Iguana is where they went. Chelsey and I had to work so the girls left a little later and went to a late lunch at Apple bee's and shopping time. Of course we saw some of our favorite people in the world, Angie, Val and their little ones. We went to Tai Pan Imports, if you havent gone there and you are a crafty person you will LOVE IT! I got these cute little bowls for Valentines day! So yes we FINALLY get to the hotel and we had relax time, while Braden and Shaun went swimming.(I tried to get pictures but the water was so cold they were in and out before I could run down there.) Then we went to the Layton Hills Mall for some more shopping, we found nothing this time:( except for a $6.00 ORANGE JULIUS!! holy crap I couldn't believe how much I paid for that thing!! So yes we did the NORMAL Kendall sister thing and went to Walmart TWICE haha! We didn't go to sleep until late we had to play "Apples to Apples" til midnight. Then woke up to the crappy breakfast that wasnt so crappy:) So here are some fun pictures! I get a little crazy with our camera!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh happy day!!:)

So I went to the doctor today... I had been stressing about it for weeks! So scared about what he would say. My NP sent me to a Internal Medicine doctor named Dr. Faux (pronounced fox) for high cholesterol. It runs in my family everyone has it. So in I went to this doctor unsure about what was to come and it was good news all around! Unfortunately I still have high cholesterol, he put me on this medicine, other people in my family have had a hard time with it but hey i'll give it a shot. He also told me some very interesting news.... I DO NOT HAVE TROUBLE WITH MY BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS!! My NP told me that I did, the little twit. There is nothing wrong with my blood sugar levels I am so happy and grateful for that! So the doctor also refilled my prescription for my Metformin so I wont have to pay for another doctors visit. All together the scale said I lost 32 lbs!! Which is excited I may not be losing it where I want to right now BUT eventually it will get to the point where it will:) So there is all my happy news! Here is a picture of us being happy after the doctor. I made Andrew get in the pic with me he is happy too believe me:) the room is kinda dark so the pic isnt that great and we are TOTALLY cheesing it!