Well, I know there’s a reason, And I know there’s a rhyme.
We were meant to be together, And that’s why,
We can roll with the punches. We can stroll hand in hand.
And when I say it’s forever
You understand.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it the right look for New Moon?

So whats your opinion on the New Moon Teaser trailer? I actually think its going to be really great! I think that the wolf looks a little small considering in the book people confused the wolves for bears... But I like that It doesnt look that cartoonish. That is one thing that I was worried about. So here enjoy leave a comment let me know what you think of it:)


New Moon the Movie and Eclipse Movie


Clint and Laci said...

I think it looks like it is going to be good! I can't wait

Jacquie and Chad said...

I think it's gonna be pretty good! He is smaller than I thought like you said but I like how it shows his clothes shredding in pieces when he changes. I can't wait to see it! It sucks it's still like 6 months away!

Raymond and Nicole said...

Oh I am so excited to see it! I think its going to be great!!!