Well, I know there’s a reason, And I know there’s a rhyme.
We were meant to be together, And that’s why,
We can roll with the punches. We can stroll hand in hand.
And when I say it’s forever
You understand.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

MORE HATS! I love this pattern!!

I know that I did put up pics of one of these (checks blog hehe) yep one of these hats but I just cant resist! I love this pattern! And I have decided to name my hats hehe I know its silly but its fun:) These are some of the ones I have made since Friday.

This is "Lucy"

This is "Chelsey"

The Samantha

The Caitlin

The Andrea

And last but not least the
after my future niece:) I made it just for her.
Hopefully she comes into this world soon hehe
But if when they do get preggers I get another nephew I wont complain!

This is just a funny picture! I heard some noise in the front room as I was walking up the hall and found Andrew on the couch doing this.....

Christmas Tree AND gingerbread men/women

This is our wonderful Christmas tree! We were going to go with
a real tree this year BUT with my allergies to pine we opted not to have me sick all holiday season!:) We do have a star but for now it is drying. Funny story last year we bought the most ADORABLE star you could ever ask for at Tai Pan. We also bought a whole bunch of other stuff, and as all of you who shop there know they wrap everything in paper. Well I had gotten everything else out of the bag except the star and forgot about it. Then the next day we took the garbage out and yep you guessed it! Included in the garbage was that most perfect star that I threw away:( so we decided to replicate that star this year, just had to paint it. Ill put a pic up of it later! So yes this is our teal and white christmas tree! I love the colors! kinda reminds me of my wedding but oh well they are so cute together. Andrew is the one who picked out the colors!:) I made the cutest crochetd snowflakes to put on the tree. I had always seen them on my grandma and mom's tree and I was decided to learn how to make them for my tree. Heres a few close ups of the ornaments.

Also we decided to make gingerbread cookies! Then we decorated them it was super fun and tasty!
Sorry that one wouldnt turn! I tried everything! that is me and Andrew! Below is when we chomped the other peoples heads off!

This is Andrew's Pirate complete with the
peg leg eye patch and striped shirt:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cute new hats!:)

So I have been working on a new pattern(my mom gave me one and I tweaked it to make it easier and faster:)) here are a couple pictures, these are just pictures of adult sized hats but I do make them in baby size, and kids sizes. Sorry I haven't blogged in a few hopefully this upcoming week will be a little less busy so I will be able to update on Thanksgiving and things! Love you all! oh btw I am looking for like a hat display thingy... like a model of a head?? any ideas where i might find one?
Brown and teal

White and Green Polka Dot Fun
Sorry this one is kinda blurry.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shootin' Stuff

So after receiving the bad news it was apparent that we needed to take some time off to "let off some steam." Growing up in a house without guns it was a little weird that I married someone who loves them so much. And in turn I have also taken a liking to them. We took the 10/22s, Andrews new play toy a Smith and Weston M&P .40 and an old favorite Mosin, to blow up some barbies and other various items that we happen to find at the dollar store. So we packed up the car, stopped at McDonald's, its evil I know, and Andrew decided to be difficult in the drive thru. His friends taught him that if you get a double cheese burger and get lettuce and Big Mac sauce you could get a Big Mac for super cheap, so he wanted to try it. Well im sure there is not a button for "Big Mac Sauce" on the machine, because she took about three minutes without puting anything on the order when she said "Is that everything?" We continued our order and drove through, I sure hope that the girls day went better after that. :)

So we continued on our adventure, we first went to Newton Dam where there were oodles of people there. I couldn't believe it it was the middle of the day and people were shooting what crazy people, us included. HAHA! Andrew and I have a really hard time shooting with other people around, call it performance anxiety hehe jk. Andrew always says "it just takes one idiot!" So we decided to pick the next best place, Dry Canyon in Smithfield. We were happy to find no one there and set up shop, those poor barbies didn't know what hit them. It was the first time I had shot the M&P, not a big fan of the recoil so even though he has had the thing for 4 months it took a little time to warm up to it. So it over all it was definitely a fun destructive day, the
destruction pictures follow:

Loading the rounds

Our little spread
The Victims before

My cute earplugs courtesy of Icon:)
An awesome picture of AndrewSome pieces of the barbies, well the on
es we could find:)Our cute picture! You know I when I look at this picture I think about all the other guys I dated before Andrew, and all that time none of them seemed to fit. They (whoever they are) say that you marry your father, and I think that in my case I did. Andrew would do anything for you if it was in his power to help, he would bend over backwards to get something done for someone. I think that is one of my favorite things about him, and any of you who know my dad he is the same way. Another thing that I love about Andrew is that he is so thoughtful! He is always asking how I am and making sure that I am happy. Just take this for example, I had to work today and Andrew did also but just for a couple hours. He took the car and I walked to work when I got off he came to pick me up and then we went to this grocery store near where I work. He said he needed to go check out the DVDs cause he was looking for one, usually around this year we go to dinner and to go see "The Nutcracker" Ballet, but unfortunately this year we have decided not to go. This wonderful husband of mine was looking for the dvd of the ballet so we could watch it at home! He had already been to 4 stores that day to find it for me! I couldnt have asked for a better husband than him!

Pictures of my cousin's cute kids that I would like them to have:D

This is beautiful tia:) I was taking the picture and she wouldnt smile. I asked if she wanted everyone to see her not smiling and then she did this hehe

This is adorable Maren and my brother Shaun's fingers. She just fell asleep in his arms:D

I LOVE this photo! Kellie and Maren were so adorable together!

HANDSOME KADEN! He is so freaking adorable! I was suprised he stood so still!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My new obsession + bad news:(

So Doctor called:( things got worse not better! So i'm off to a specialist in December ill let you know how it goes.

I just wanted to share my new obsession with you! YARN! I know it seems silly but my Grandma Kendall taught me how to crochet and knit and I liked it before cause I could spend time with her. But now I love it because I have learned more cute things I can do with it such as...... These are just a few of the hats I have been making! if you want one let me know and we can work something out!:D

I have also been working on Granny Block Afghans for my Mom and Sister for Christmas, here are some pictures of the colors that they have chosen, I decided not to connect them until all the blocks are done. I started about a week and a half a go and I am almost done with Chelsey's! First picture is Chelsey's colors and second is my moms! That's all for today! hubby and I are going shooting on our day off ill put pics up later:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PCOS awareness and Test results :)

Just a little bit of information on PCOS aka Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

So I got to wake up bright and early on my day off to go get my 3 month test done, im supposed to do it next week but who the heck wants to do it right after Thanksgiving!? I am sure that my blood levels will be sky high then hehe. I hate needles and blood and eh all of it is such a horrible process. They take 8 little things of blood and I know this sounds really juvenile but this time I got to chose the little bandage I got it was fun!! I really hope that everything comes back better than before cause then I wont have to go back for SIX MONTHS!! It will be amazing!

So me and my doctor got to sit down after the lovely nurse Amber got done taking my blood. We took weight and all that fun stuff and I was happy to find out that I have lost 22 LBS since August 28. I couldnt believe it! The met that I am on makes me feel extremely bloated and so I never feel like I have lost weight. My heart rate has improved and my blood pressure was AWESOME! We also talked about my birth control (YAZ) if any of you have taken it let me know I HATE it! I know its not birth control in general because I have been on BC since I was about 16 to regulate everything. I just think that YAZ if evil! :( Anyways, back the appointment, we discussed everything that has been going on and what other things I wanted to complain about hehe:) We also started to talk about fertility drugs and what we wanted to do with that situation. I have decided that after a year and a half (gotta be on the BC for a year) then we would consider the Clomid. That makes me sad and happy all at the same time but im sure we will get into that at another time. Well I think I better go enjoy the rest of my day off!:) hope all you guys are having a great week! MWAH!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welp here goes nothing!/Thanksgiving thoughts:)

So I (Lindsey) have decided to join the trend and create this blog about our boring lives. Not quite sure how to use it.... but it will work itself out. As thanksgiving approaches its the time to think about all the things that you take for granted the rest of the year. I think that one thing that I have learned to appreciate isFamily!! I think since getting married I have learned to appreciate the time I get to spend with my family more and more:) And I mean everyone! My parents my siblings and my extended family! I was so blessed with the best aunts, uncles, and cousins! Another thing that I am grateful for is my hubby! He is always there to support and love me no matter what! We have had a rough couple months with all the doctor problems and he never once let me get down about it. He is my rock and I love him for it! :) Okay well i'm thinking that this is it for now there will be more i see people get addicted to these things and im sure that I will do the same!
Here is an updated photo:)