Well, I know there’s a reason, And I know there’s a rhyme.
We were meant to be together, And that’s why,
We can roll with the punches. We can stroll hand in hand.
And when I say it’s forever
You understand.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New job:) and working on school

So yes I just wanted to write a quick little post, I have been interviewing for a few jobs, got offered one but there wasnt enough hours. Then went to this interview for a child care worker, I have been a "nanny" before and was excited to interview for a job like that again. The lady was super nice and runs it through the Head Start Program out of her house. It just felt right, its really close to our house and I could walk to work. The interview went really well and I was there for about an hour. That was all yesterday and then today I decided to take a break from the job hunting and go to my aunts house with my mom to do some quilting stuff. When I got home Andrew had made dinner AWWWW how sweet! Then I got the call that I got the job! I am so excited I start tomorrow and can't believe how excited I am. Its 10-2 monday through friday but some days I would work 8:30-5:30 if someone needs a day off.
The Lord works in mysterious ways and I cant believe how much he has blessed us!

Also I am going to sign up for classes in September for Phlebotomy, I know you are all thinking ew needles but I think it will be a good carrer choice. The classes are 10 weeks and would start the last week of September.
Anyways just wanted to update you guys! For all you at Convergys I will miss you terribly, but I will not miss that horrible horrible stink hole!:)


Kelsey said...

I LOVE IT! I'm so glad that you have found that there is BETTER life outside Convergys!! That is so neat that you got a job...you had much better luck then I did and getting one...maybe you tried harder then I LOL! And then going to school in September!! That's awesome Lindsey! I'm so excited to start next Monday..today my mom and I went and got me registered, got all my books, a other school supplies, my stethoscope, and MY SCRUBS!! YAY! I'm so happy for both of us ;-)

Jacquie and Chad said...

I am so excited for you! That will be a fun job! Good luck with school! You better keep in touch now that I won't be seeing you at work :)

Amanda said...

Congrats on the job! And awesome about the classes :) Good for you!!! Good luck with school!! Love you!!!

Sanni said...

I'm so jealous of you awesome job! :P I've been looking for one for ages and no luck :(

Derek and Sharice said...

Lindsey you are SO talented! Love the things you create! I could use a few lessons!!! Love the quilt you made for your sister-in-law, the apron, and all your cute things! AMAZING!


jenn said...

Lindsey I am so glad that you got the job and that we met.